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Consciously Closing 2018

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the last six days of 2018!

A client asked me several weeks ago how I go about consciously closing out my year. I have a practice that begins the last quarter of the year when I begin making a list of what I want to make sure I don’t bring with me into the new year of 2019. One of commitments I made to myself was I was NOT going to bring game apps into my 2019. I started playing games on my phone four years ago when a client’s wife told me that they increased brain function and I believed her. What I have learned after four years of playing games while waiting in line, watching television, and when I snatch a minute here or there is that I have become a game addict and traded in much of my creative imagination for game playing. I will not be bringing computer games into 2019 and so on the 31st I will host a ritual that will include deleting my apps.

Somewhere around November, I notice that my attention starts pointing thematically toward what is mine to embody in the new year. This information may come through reading a magazine article, talking with friends, meditation, dreaming … usually it comes through multiple sources and it feels “of importance” within my body. I take notice. One year my theme was “give attention to those you love.” This was transformative. I decided that whenever my daughter called I would answer the phone; showing her how important she was in my life. I chose to put dates on my calendar with friends to have face time and practice coupling attention and love together. Another year my word was “writing.” Now usually I don’t get an occupation; but this particular year I did. Throughout the year I cultivated ‘writing’ by taking a class on magazine article writing at the community college, joining a writer’s club, making friends with writers, and reading biographies on writers and their daily writing practices. And, I wrote, wrote and wrote some more.

Several weeks ago I was in meditation and I heard the words in my head, “your word this year is ‘move.’ What an unsexy word. I didn’t like it. So I sat and asked it questions. I learned that move meant action. I was to move my body. Make movement in my ministry. Move my financial picture upward. Move some of my belongings out of the house recirculating them to others. And, maybe a possible physical move to a new location (more to be revealed on this later). Not liking the word move; I then chose the word ‘action,’ then ‘Omni-action’ because I liked them more. And, the truth is, my word is ‘move.’ If you want to know more about birthing your word, I have prepared a video¬†here.

Below is a list of some “conscious closings” you may choose to engage in this next week. Then, I will share with you steps for creating the new in January. And, a Momentum and Miracles group will be available the month of February:

December 26: Start asking yourself what your theme or word is for 2019. Bring it into your dreams, journal about it, talk with your inner spirit, and see what happens. It may take a while to percolate.

December 27: Make a list of what you wanted completed before 2019. What you are done with.

December 28: Go through your computer address book and delete anyone who no longer belongs in your address book. If you aren’t sure; leave them for now. For me I had many people who had died and were still in my book. I had acquaintances I could not remember where or how I met them. I had emails without names. I deleted all of these. And, I made the commitment to myself that next year when I add new into my book I would include notes so I knew the context of how we met.

December 29: Go through your email list and unsubscribe to those lists you no longer want to receive emails from. Create order on your computer and physical desktop.

December 30: Choose one room in your house to super clean. If you don’t have a room, choose a drawer. One of my teachers said that order is the first law of heaven. Not sure where she got that, but I know I feel real good when order happens.

December 31: Make a list of everyone you have put outside of your heart this year, held a grudge toward, sent animosity toward. Take your time doing this. Be thorough. Jesus says to “love your enemies” and I LOVE THIS because the idea of an enemy resides within our own being. So, when we shift enemy into neutral or love energy, we are shifting ourselves … which we want for the new year. Once your list is complete, hold it toward your heart. Say out loud, “please forgive me,” “I forgive you,” “I love you for showing me where I can be small and setting me free.” Sit in the energy of freedom.

I am looking forward to a productive, moving, 2019!!

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