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Embracing the Lenten Season (Regardless of Your Path)

Dear Friends,

Lent is the season between Ash Wednesday (yesterday) and Easter Sunday when the Christians replicate Jesus’ practice of “entering into the desert for forty days” before beginning his ministry. The celebration culminates in the Easter celebration of the resurrection or the new life of Jesus.

What happened when Jesus entered into the desert? He was tempted by Satan. This is why one of the primary observances is to let go of one major temptation that keeps the focus away from communion with God; The Sacred. What a wonderful practice to undertake if what is being sacrificed distracts you from being present with the Presence. And, with the removal of the distraction comes a focus upon a spiritual practice of renewal.

For Ash Wednesday, ash is placed upon the forehead with the reminder to “repent,” which means to “turn away from and to turn toward.”

Yesterday I was talking with a spiritual brother of mine who has felt confined by his “stuff.” He has chosen to donate one item a day to charity for the next forty days. Although inconvenient, it turns this into a real practice of choice, gifting, and awareness of what is birthing within him.

A client of mine decided that she was going to give up her favorite political news show for the forty days and turn that hour into an hour of reading spiritual material, meditating and prayer. Another client decided that she would give up her nightly glass of wine and in its stead drink fresh pressed vegetable juice and feel it as it made its way through her body.

It’s never too late to start. You and I can “lent” anytime of the year. However, it is much more fun to do it when the collective energy supports this deepening. So, is there a distraction in your life that you would like to eliminate or dramatically reduce for forty days? Maybe playing games on your phone? Maybe answering person calls during your work day? Possibly shifting out a food and replacing it for something that more actively loves your body? Maybe toxic relationships that are getting too much energy?

Is there a spiritual practice you would like to add, increase, or emphasize during these forty days? How about a new meditation? Maybe a walking meditation? Maybe adding prayer or a gratitude practice at the end of the day?

Take some time to put some genuine thought into it.

For me? I am going to give up “canting” — you know, “I can’t do that,” “I can’t afford that,” “I can’t enjoy that”,,, and replacing it with “canning.”  “I can do that.” “I can afford that.” “I can enjoy that.” I will add the practice of celebrating each morning and each night; opening and closing my days with joy.

Happy Lent friends.

I send you lots and lots of love,


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