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Happy New Year!!! With FREE Meditation on Newness

Dear Friends,



New is a lot more than a marketing gimmick.

New is evidence of a transformation.

The Bible speaks of being made new as a bi-product of opening and connecting to the Eternal Go(o)d that is always nearer than our breath. Scripture also speaks to the inability to return to the old once one has been transformed. Remember the parable of the wine skin? The new wine won’t fit into an old wineskin? What does this mean to you in your life?

And what does it mean to you when John in his Revelation (chapter 21) has revealed to him “I make all things NEW?”

You and I are stepping into the new year of 2015. It is a recognized time in our culture where we stop, evaluate, clean up, set some goals and begin again. It is

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our collective permission to publically claim who we plan to become; what we desire to develop within us. And, we develop through consciously changing our habits and actions in the world.

These next thirty days I will be contemplating the word “new.” Contemplation for me is a mix of silent meditation and marinating on the energy of a word. I plan to go deeper than slogans, re-sensitizing myself to the magic of the energy within this word, NEW. I will train myself to perk up when I hear the word, feel the vibration of it, and I will tend to how and when I use it. I have created a contemplation MP3 guiding me through sitting with the great scripture of Revelations 21; “Behold, I make all things new.”

If you would like to join me, below is the link to this recording to use. My plan is thirty days of contemplating on the new. It is my experience that when I dwell in the New; all things are possible. Hard becomes a fun challenge; healing is a given; prosperity drips from within me outward; creativity flows; and synchronicities increase. I continue to be amazed at how much yield the discipline of regular spiritual practice brings forth.

Happy 2015.


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