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Healing a Culture of Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination

Dear Friends,

I have been riveted to the news about my brother-citizens who have sexually harassed or assaulted women for decades and are now being held responsible for their actions. And, I have witnessed my sisters who are brave and willing to claim their rightful place as equals and valuable contributor/creators in our culture. You and I are undergoing a cultural transformation. Albeit awkward and sometimes painful; extreme emotion exists as part of the process that happens in the middle — in the goo of the chrysalis.

When I was in my early thirties I was sexually harassed by a boss in the workplace. My story is a very common one. I have yet to meet a woman who hasn’t been diminished in the workplace, on a date, in their family because of their gender. Isn’t the energy of diminishment interesting? In order to be diminished there needs to be a partner energy of dominance, superiority or entitlement. This polarization is part of the dynamic of psuedo-power. And, isn’t that what is being healed here at the core?

So the question for me becomes, what do I do, if anything in the midst of these news stories? Here’s my answer:

I begin by going within where the Presence of the Most High God is vitally alive within me. I look to see if there is a distortion between diminishment and dominance in my inner understanding. If not, then I hold the High Watch for the culture calling forth the Light of God that is always present; holding the various people involved in the unfolding of this dynamic within this Light. There are many of us who have done the work of healing this dynamic through reconciliation and are called to allow the Light to use us as this shift happens culturally. We be a place of witnessing this beautiful God transformation as people with power are humbled and people who have experienced violation are raised.

If I have within me any form of judgment, then I know there is a distortion. Once there is a right-wrong judgement about a person, then I have de-personalized them and left them out of my heart — the sanctuary of God as me. Those who diminish another (and who hasn’t in some form?) need as much Grace for healing as those who have been diminished; abused; or harassed. Grace is always abundant but is entered into with an open-heart. Judgment closes the heart. How do I move from right-wrong thinking into witness consciousness? I go to Byron Katie’s The Work Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet or John DeMartini’s practice of listing 10 times when I have acted out of dominance toward another and 10 times I have diminished myself. And, I pray. Affirmative Prayer for me is a powerful balm as I sit in the Love of God speaking from that energy field toward my Soul.

Then, I listen. I may be called into action. If I am moved — I move. If not; I continue to hold the High Watch loving my fellow brothers and sisters who are personally living out this dynamic.

God is Good, my friends. And we are That in form. May we live from the High Octave we are birthed from.



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