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If All is God…Then Why Beat Ourselves Up for How We Feel?

Dear Friends,

After my morning meditation, I turned on my computer to go through my emails. I found a blog I subscribe to where the writer felt much relief by admitting her relationship with her husband wasn’t going that well. She said the more friends she told, the more relief she felt and the more relief her friends experienced by admitting that marriage isn’t always perfect.

I was struck by my perception that our culture does everything and anything, overall, to make certain emotions of ours unacceptable and wrong. Spiritual teachings tend to also do this. Many spiritual teachers suggest reaching for a higher emotion, as though the one we’re in is not holy. Others suggest certain emotions are not real, or are not of God.

The small ‘t’ truth is the transitory nature of our being. As spiritual beings we are mind, emotions, body, and Spirit. Every intuitive teacher I have spoken with says

My journal cover.

My journal cover.

they embraced all of their emotional registry as a way to access their intuition. Recovering addicts are taught to feel emotional states without using any form of destructive substance to sooth the discomfort of some emotional states. The Bible says the dark and the light are the same to God; there is no difference.

What I have come to learn is that EVERYTHING is God. The small ‘t’ truth may be that today I am afraid, uncomfortable, have a sore throat, am giddy with joy or am experiencing a tinge of crabbiness. That is what is going on inside of me at a given moment. It is transient, passing through me, ever-changing, not who I am.

Then there is the Capital T Truth; that which never changes which is the Love of God, the Peace of God, the Joy of God, the Wealth of God, the Health of God, the Life of God. Spiritual practice steeps me in that which is Ever True allowing me to touch within me the Eternal Nature of God, which trumps the temporary nature. However, the Capital T Truth which is Eternal trumps by loving the temporary moment.

This is one of the great paradoxes.

I remember having $50 in my bank account, no money in site, and knowing without a doubt I was the Wealth of God. I also recall a painful heartbreak which hurt my chest cavity so deeply that my feet were aching. And, yet, I also could lean into a Love which was so deep and knew no boundaries. Admitting what is at the moment heals as it honors the holy now. It is a communion of the Soul with the earthly experience. It is Good. It is God. And, the Power comes in the recognition of acknowledging the form of the movement through the Formless Love which resides within each of us.

Spiritual practice is the way I know how to cultivate the Inner Presence, which has no absence. My spiritual practice consists of daily meditation, silence, prayer, and journaling. It sets the stage for all emotions to be welcomed, held lightly and loved throughout the day.




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