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Is This a Fit?

Dear Friends,

My one BIG take away from Covid was the practice of looking at my life, my relationships, my work, and my home as a “fit.” I often ask myself, “is this mine to do?” when it comes to an invitation, idea or an ask. I added the question, “is this a fit?” “Does this relationship, idea, food I’m about to eat, (fill in the blank) fit with my Soul?” Is there a resonance?

Cliff diver in Mazatlan. One of the places I stayed during transition.

I took a hiatus from the blog, social media, my work, friendships, and feeding the external structures of my life during the pandemic. I now return to picking up the forms of communication I put down from a different place. I no longer feel as though I am feeding an external medium. I feel grateful for our connection. I am glad to be back.

What did you leave during Covid and what are you returning to? How are you returning to it? What has been your pandemic revelation thus far?

To state the obvious, in order to return, we must first leave.

I chose during the first few months of Covid to leave what had become comfortable, stale, without life, and known. I walked away from the voices of the external world and went deep into myself to hear the answers coming from The Infinite. And it was hard. I made some tough decisions. My relationship withdrawal hurt some people’s feelings. I entered into the

Boise in Fall 2020

chaortic state of chaos/order. I often felt off balance. I sold my house. I wandered for over a year without a home. I learned to listen more and act less. My relationship with and from The Divine continues to shift. My relationship with the world does too. I will remember Covid as being, among many things The Great Surrender, for me.

So, I’m back.

I’ve been asked by a very progressive doctor in Port Townsend, WA to create an online program for people with chronic illnesses or who desire to improve their physical health through Spiritual Fitness. I’m almost done with a class I’m calling The Consciousness Cleanse, which will be available in January. I’m working with an amazing team creating a retreat in Mazatlan, Mexico in October, 2022, and I continue to offer one-on-one spiritual advising sessions (there are a few slots available).

My desire for each of us is to be aware of the BIG SCOOP of Divine Love within us and around us.

Much Love,



PS. If you are a podcast listener, you will enjoy the interview I had with host Deena Tvinneriem on Finding Galileo; a conversation woman-to-woman on living from Spirit.


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