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Prayer for Katherine Jackson

Two weeks ago, today, my daughter gave birth to a daughter, and I was made a grandmother. I am still learning what that means to my Soul and to my contribution while here on earth. I listen, and take note as I experience an inner shift underway.

Last night I was awoken from a dream to pray for Katherine Jackson. This is not the first time I have experienced a deeper inner nudge calling me into prayer for someone I don’t personally know. This could be my unconscious mind, it could be the Voice of God. It doesn’t matter to me where it originated, what I know is; I was to pray. At 2 a.m., I crawled out of bed and prayed for Ms. Jackson who earlier in the week I witness an unhealed brokenness within her while watching her interview with Piers Morgan.

Ms. Jackson on Piers Morgan

Prayer for Katherine Jackson:

I know there is One Presence,
One Life, One Love
which I choose to call God.

This Holy Presence resides within creation
according to the scriptures and to the mystics with direct
experience of It.

So, I trust this Inner Presence, which has Its
circumference no where to be the very core of
who and what I Am.

Of God.

As this is true of me, deductively this must be true of
Katherine Jackson. Within her resides the Most High
available at all times to comfort, sooth, console and uplift.

It is my prayer this Now Presence is available to and through her
as Its own healing balm, bringing forth a peace which passeth
understanding; a Love which is greater than all circumstances
including death.

I sink into this realization right now owning the Love of Infinite Light.
I trust this Life Force, God, to provide Grandma Jackson with all the
strength, fortitude, and patience necessary to mother Michael’s children.

Imbued in High and Holy Truth, I call forth the knowing that Michael’s
Soul is at Peace and he is experiencing the Eternal Life beyond the
material life; in the repose of The Almighty.

God is Good; I know this.
God provides; I know this.
God restores; I trust this and call upon it daily.

May the energy of “the green pastures” revive Mother Jackson
and may Peace dwell within her heart.

I realize this prayer within my being, known the Isness of God
is always awaiting our call — and from one grandmother to another,
I speak this prayer on her behalf today.

In the name of the Almighty One; which always was and always will be,


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  1. What a loving and moving prayer. Thank you for letting us know how to pray.

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