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Thinking Bigger, Different, Creatively in 2018

Dear Friends,


I’m in a rut.

My thinking has become increasingly smaller.

My being is screaming to be let out of this internal straight jacket I’ve put myself in …


Seeing and feeling this quagmire led me to begin mind-opening practices to receive messages from The Only Thing That Is. Mid-December I began by meditating and hollering. Two very effective practices. Now that it is January, and I have been doing some mind-stretching, mind-bending practices to assist in the more linear areas of my brain; I feel as though shift is beginning to happen. Two

Distillery on the Islay

things I am doing right now. First: I am imagining all of the businesses I could start in a small town. Not just start for me as a solo-preneur, but to hire the towns people; creating a win-win for everyone. Since committing to this mind-expanding exercise, I saw a story on 60 minutes about Islay, an island in Scotland whose sole product is a high-end scotch. The peat from the earth is unique and right for this product, and it is a single-island industry.


Lu La Roe Leggings

Next, I was introduced by several friends to a Lu La Roe leggings. These soft, luscious-feeling, and cute leggings are sold woman-to-woman similar to Avon. A unique, specialized clothing line, might work. Then, Longeberger baskets came into my mind. My friend who has sold them for decades made a pilgrimage back to the manufacturing (hand made) home of the company in Dresden, Ohio. The town benefits not only from the product, but like the Island of Islay, has many tourists who are faithful to the brands. Ideas began to flow … and more are coming.

This reminds me that when I ask a question; the Almighty answers me. Which has encouraged me to asking more questions and then more … each getting bigger in scope.

I am continuing the small town ruminating because my Soul loves it. It may lead me into some form of action; and it may not. That doesn’t matter. Now I am asking myself each morning for ten answers to the following question. Wouldn’t it be cool if … and the answers are fun. Wouldn’t it be cool if I met Johnny Depp on my morning walk and we stopped to have a metaphysical conversation? Wouldn’t it be cool if I owned a retreat center with my favorite people each owning one of the cabins and we retreated there annually? Wouldn’t it be cool if I dressed like Cindy Lauper and

Cindy Lauper singing, I’m sure, Girls Just Want to Have Fun

sang my prayers while dancing around the living room each morning?

You get it …

I am activating the imaginative part of my mind that has been too serious with tasks. The simmering has reminded me of how alive I am and how much Joy is possible. All ideas come from one place … out of the No-thingness of God. As I imagine, I tap into the Creative Nature of God and it feels real good.

How do you activate your imagination? What gets your juices flowing?

Please tell me! I am having so much fun!!

Love you!!

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