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Thinking Bigger — The Practice of Cross Pollenating

NASA photo

Dear Friends,


I am on a think bigger campaign in 2018. I’m cheering myself on to expand beyond my own limitations and into areas that are new (another name for God). I have inspired myself SO MUCH that I will be offering some sort of FB or on-line group later in the year knowing that the two-or-more consciousness creates an exponential potency.

My first move was to list all of the ways I have expanded my thinking in the past. This is a great exercise in itself. One of my go-to ways of expansion is to learn or explore another discipline I know little or nothing about. Cross-pollenating. Instantly, my world becomes bigger. Then, I take what I’ve learned and tell a story about my self or my work using what I’ve learned.

NASA photo

Here’s an example. A friend invited me to go and hear a talk given by a former astronomy professor turned UFO movie consultant. His topic? Life on other planets. I knew nothing about this topic; so I joined him. I learned that science has been looking for other earth-like configurations that could possibly host life. Since the launch of the Kepler Space Telescope, scientists have been able to identify 3,400 confirmed exotic-planets and another 2,000 in the process of confirmation. This means these planets have water, rotate around a star receiving the right amount of light and solar radiation, are the right temperature to sustain life and mix of gases for breathing. It was at this meeting I learned that there is more than one sun (a star and there are over 200 billion of them in the Milky Way galaxy alone) and one moon (at least 183 identified) in the solar system. Wow. I thought planet earth owned the only moon — until I knew different.

NASA photo

Now once I had this information I knew there had to be life on other planets. How could there not be? Yet listening to a talk the vastness of the external cosmos did two things. First, I felt a sense of immense AWE, which led to feelings of insignificance. Earth is about 4.54 billion years old and our solar system 13.7 billion. I will most likely be here less than 100 years. The second feeling I had, then, was of great spiritual significance. I could see I was part of a larger story that is timeless. I am on the planet to be and do my thing energetically leaving a print and influencing what has come a generation or two before me and after me. That’s pretty cool.

Now my opportunity was to define myself and my work in relationship to what I’d learned. A stretching exercise. In meditation I was able to access my inner cosmos and realize there was much more than I had accessed previously. The distance of planets are measured in Light years. The new technology has allowed scientists to see and extrapolate billions of years away; and it is guessed that the cosmos is really infinite. This Presence, I call God, is timeless, Eternal

NASA photo

Love that is Invisible and has a visible counterpart (The Cosmos) which reminds me that as I occupy more non-visible presence than physical presence, I too replicate or are made in the image and from this God-stuff.

Since God is all there is, then learning about worms, furniture design, tree fungus, the velocity of rivers … all can point you back to God and ultimately yourself as God’s inlet and outlet.

If you feel so called, join me in exploring outside of what you know and allow it to impress upon you That Which is Bigger.

Happy 2018,



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