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Today A Gift Arrived at My Doorstep

Dear Friends,


Today there was a brown box leaned up against my door. The first thing I noticed was it was not from Amazon. It was from my friend Rhonda. I ran to the miscellaneous drawer, pulled out a pair of scissors and ran the blade down the center seam of tape. Inside the box between plastic air cushions was a beautiful painted sign which read “Pray Big.” My heart leapt. I received a freelance gift (not attached an occasion) and it represented me. A happy dance followed then placement on my kitchen altar.

With my heart freshly bursting, I text Rhonda, but this feeling was SO full I wanted to share it with everyone. I opened Facebook and posted the photo. Comments started rolling in and my friend Heather said “I like the sign behind it.” The sign behind it reads “I want someone to spend my life with who will leave me alone most of the time.” This too was a freelance gift from a friend. Glenda saw it in a store and had to get it for me after I entered into a relationship with my Honey and continued to request time to myself (I am a contemplative after all). I told Honey I’d remove the sign and he told me to keep it as it does represent me. Two gifts one altar. No wait … the mermaid in the front was from my sister “just because.”

This week was full of gifts. Tithes to the ministry. Love cards. Pennies found on the ground. Rhonda’s Pray Big sign.

Receiving is such a powerful practice. It reminds me of playing catch with a ball. One person gives or throws and another receives. It is an active process of exchange. An item or information moves from one owner to another without compensation. And yet, I notice, not everyone receives well.

When I was in my 20s a friend said to me, “I am glad you give without any expectation of receiving in return.” I thought about, and still think about that sentence. In truth in my 20s I kept score. If I gave you something I expected something back in return. Friendship. An apology. Another gift. Recognition for my act of giving. Saying I am kind. Something. There was a need and request for reciprocation. When my friend said she saw generosity within me it woke me up to the decision that I wanted to give without strings attached and receive the same way. And it became an active practice of mine. Expect nothing from anyone else. Be grateful when/if I am given a gift. And, give when I feel so inspired from my heart and with joy.

This is where tithing is a good practice. It is a practice of giving, even when we think we don’t have or want to hoard for ourselves. As one of my client says, “We can do more with the 90% God has given to us then the 100% we think we have earned on our own.” This blog isn’t on tithing, although it is an active practice of giving.¬†What a great question to contemplate for the next 30 days. Do I give and receive equally in love?

Today I remain grateful,



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