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What is Next for You?

Dear Friends,

Can you recall a time when you did something over and over again and that consistency of practice turned into something powerful and fruitful for you? Maybe it was physical. Maybe you were training for a marathon and your body shifted as you engaged it daily with movement. Possibly you took on a writing challenge and wrote a page a day. Within a year you had written 365

Rev. Bonnie standing in front of Dr. Joe banners.

pages and you were able to observe what the discipline provided for you. Or, you may have found consistency in taking care of a pet or child? How about making cold, or warm calls and booking yourself with potential clients each day? As you and I repeatedly engage in consistent behavior we become new; we have developed a part of our being that once was weak into something we can rely upon.

This is true with meditation, prayer, tithing, service, and study … all forms of spiritual practice. As we engage daily in meditation; we are able to calm ourselves at a moment’s notice. We are able to see our world through our inner “witness” and

Group of 2,000 waiting to meditate.

stories snag us less. We become aware of what is ours, and what isn’t ours. We free ourselves from a lot of trauma and drama. And we can build a new self, including one that once was sick and is no longer.

When we engage regularly in prayer, we cultivate a relationship with the Inner Most and Highest Most God. We know we aren’t alone. We become guided and aware of our blessed state of being. When we tithe (give ten percent) of our time, money, skills … we become aware of the abundance we are and we have. When we serve, we open our hearts to humanity and when we study we connect to a field of Wisdom embodied by others who have shared the planet with us at some point in history.

Who, then, are you current becoming and what is your consistent repetition that will get you there? 

I just returned from a Progressive Workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Edinburgh, Scotland where 2,000 people from 54 different countries came together to meditate. Take that in for a moment. Two thousand people bought some form of transportation, accommodations, and meals, paid an entrance price, and showed up to hear about the power of meditation and enter into

Waiting in line to meditate.

practices together. In the mornings I showed up at the conference center at 7:15 am for an 8 am start and the line was five blocks long — waiting in pre-Spring chilly Scotland weather to MEDITATE. Heaven. Pure Heaven. His primary message … meditate daily, it is the BEST form of preventative medication you can take.

I will be hosting a Momentum and Miracles group, again, for the month of May. Each person will show up with ONE THING they would like to further or make happen in those thirty days Mondays through Fridays on Facebook Live from 7 – 7:20 am.  I will pray in, speak to the new self, introduce different practices, and provide an energetic container for your Highest Good to unfold through you. You will be invited to meditate (meditations provided), pray for the group (prayer practice provided), and to re-commit daily to your intention. We have a private Facebook Page just for this group and to watch others step into their desire and see it come into fruition is a bonus.

This is exciting for me. In addition to witnessing your success, I choose one thing to further. What ONE THING do I want to place my attention on and take action toward? I would like to complete my course development on the Spiritual Side of Physical Healing. I would like to design a new website for the upcoming classes and retreats I’m offering. I desire to focus on exercising my body daily. I would like fasting from sugar for 30 days. There is a new meditation CD I begging to be created; along with an accompanying workbook. I would like to transform my office into a healing room. So many choices. Which one do I want to commit to coming into fruition in May? Not sure yet, but I have three weeks to decide.

Are you to join the group? We’d love for you to be a part of this online community. You may register here. If you choose not to; you can still determine what new practice you would like to put in place for thirty days and watch who you become.

Isn’t Life Amazing?

You are Loved,



Remember: With God, all things are possible.

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