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A Ritual of Release and Embrace

Dear Friends,

I just returned from Ireland. Several of my upcoming posts will include revelations, insights, and spiritual practices from this trip. My intention is to take you along with me so you can have your own experience of this unique Holy land.

Today we will engage in a ritual of release at the Cairn of Maeve. I apologize for the jerky video and the loud wind; trust me, your tenacity it is well worth it.

Sign on the hiking trail.

Cairns are mounds of stones built as a memorial or a passage way from this physical world into the next, ethereal world. It is place that commemorates death and new birth. (This theme runs throughout all religions and Nature). Cairn of Maeve is located at the Knocknarea Mountain in the County Sligo, Ireland. It is about 320 meters straight up on a muddy, rocky, path. Once on top of the mountain you can see the entire county (some shown on video) and the cairn created in Queen Maeve’s honor. Who was Queen Maeve? She was a Mythical Queen who was a warrior-woman; she had sovereignty over herself and her land. She was known as a woman who could beckon what she desired and it would appear for her in the form of protection, food, lovers, and land. Each of us has within us the power to beckon. As Jesus would say, “ask and it shall be given.”

Our invitation into this ritual, then, is our invitation into own our sovereignty. We do this by embracing AND releasing our new emerging Self. Imagine yourself standing upon the ritual rock where ritual has taken place for millennia. It is now your turn. You have a sacred rock in your right hand and you’ve imbued it with the energy of the emerging you. You will stand on the rock, own what you are embracing and releasing aloud and then you will throw the rock over your right shoulder as a circle of witnesses know along with you that your request is fulfilled.

I stand witness to who you are and to your Becoming Self.

With Love,

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