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How to Have the Holiday of Your Dreams

Dear Friends,

I have a confession to make.

I LOVE the holidays. I mean LOVE the holidays. So much so that I celebrated the New Year with my Jewish friends in September; I hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner last week; I listened to my first Christmas music in August and I put up my bubble gum pink Christmas tree with Starbuck cup ornaments in the center of my living room picture window in mid-October. I just couldn’t and can’t wait for the season to begin.

As a culture, we are given permission to celebrate and be corny during the holidays. We are subject to lights, decorations, mushy music of love, redemption, a fat man in a red suit, and opportunities to give and receive. This year, more than any year, my Soul has yearned for the holidays to arrive and to be blatantly, openly, grateful for the life I have and the people I love (Thanksgiving). I crave the celebration of birth, newness, miracles and light in the midst of what appears to be darkness (Channakuh and Christmas). And, I look forward to completing the old and starting fresh (New Year).

Now that my confession is made, I want to invite you into being an active participant in creating the holiday you desire. This week, take thirty to sixty minutes to pour yourself some tea, get a out a journal, unplug your electronics and sit in silence for a few minutes. Once you are uncomfortable and your mind starts to wander and provide you with a to-do list, sit for an additional five minutes aware of the activity of your mind, but focused on your open heart. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  • When my holiday season is over, how do I want to look back and see it? In other words, what is my intention for this year’s holiday season? (some examples may be to out give what you’ve given in the past; receive gracefully, handmake all your presents, see joy this year in the face of others, remain centered).
  • Let yourself feel that feelings associated with this intention and ask yourself, what am I to do this season in order to realize this intention? (you might say put aside every Saturday to paint my gifts, call together a group of carolers and book yourselves at a senior center to sing, join or create a Meet Up group for lonely hearts wanting to celebrate with others).
  • After making your list; ask yourself if there is someone or some group you are to invite into your holiday plans?
  • Lastly, ask yourself, if you will give yourself permission to have what you want. Sit with yourself until you’ve given yourself permission to have the holiday you desire.

As you see from the questions above, the focus is on you and your inner intentions. You cannot and do not have control over anyone else and their state of being during the holidays. As with life, you show up as you in the midst of all conditions. This year, give yourself permission in advance to choose the holiday season you desire; to as my friend Kent says, “Grow and Glow.”

This morning I listened to my Holiday song playlist with my bubble gum pink Christmas tree lit up. I sat with these questions and decided I would invite my sweetheart to intend with me as we co-create our second holiday season together. As I was leaving my meditation pillow I heard myself say “give yourself permission to see every Christmas movie out in the theatre this year.” Wow!! What an indulgent and wonderful start to this holiday season.

Happy (Early) Holidays,



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