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Learning What Your Heart Wants to Know


Dear Friends,



Author and curious learner Cassandra Overby set about interviewing individuals asking them about a pivotal moment

Heart Shaped Rock on my Altar

Heart Shaped Rock on my Altar

in their lives which changed them. I was interviewed for the May 9th blog entry where I spoke of the power of silence in my life. If you are interested in reading the article, click here.

This project got me thinking about the power of following my heart and honoring it by listening and then acting.

How does my heart speak to me? In several ways.

1. When my heart is engaged and talking to me, I feel safe, whole, at one with everything and I often feel heat emanating from my physical heart. This state can be referred to as happiness, joy, bliss; all various degrees of the same thing. Interestingly enough, I can also feel my heart actively engaged when I am in the midst of feeling emotionally not so great and I take a loving stand for myself or another. In the first example, my heart is speaking to me of Truth; All is One. In the second example, I am reminding my head that my heart is welcome, I am in essence saying “I am One.” There is a good reason why the heart is “lit up” in sacred paintings. The heart speaks through light energy translated into feeling tones.

2. My heart also speaks to me through my dream life. I have been taught wisdom, given assignments and healed emotional and physical wounds in dream state. An example of a heart-directed dream was one I had a year ago. I can still step into the energy of it and allow it to re-inform me. I dreamt I was trying on different human states, literally putting them on me like a dress to feel, sense, know, and realize its value (whether it gives or takes energy). I tried on judgment, pain, anger, delight, peace, separation, and more. ¬†Judgment felt prickly, poky, intense, and constricted. I then took it off and said loudly in my dream “yuck, I don’t like that one.” Then, I’d try on delight. Delight felt flowing, bright, airy, and attractive. I would say “I want more of this.” I tried on and took off energetic clothing for what felt like all night; although, in likelihood it was only a few minutes. I was changed from this dream as I was awakened to the tone of each state.

3. My heart pulls me through interest. Isn’t it fascinating how each of us has different interests and we connect with people through them? I have zero interest at all in antique trains and the history of various wars. None. But there are individuals who build and collect trains and others who re-enact wars, watch the history channel and buy books on it. My heart pulls me toward Spirit, the power of the mind aligned with Spirit, entrepreneurs, creativity, and what people do with their lives. Now I’m interested in how trains came into being, the thoughts and dreams behind the invention. I am also interested in the thoughts behind war so that other choices may be made conscious. Wrap a non-interest in that which I value, and I’m all over it. I have learned to not diminish what replenishes and expands the juice within me. I’ve learned to give myself that which my ¬†heart desires.

4. Sitting in silence and breathing with my attention placed upon my heart. This has become a great forgiveness practice. When I do this I am often given inner guidance through mental picturing of people or situations I have left out of my heart. With this information I am able to sit in the Sufficiency, Abundance, and Overflow of the Eternal Light and bring any enemy thought into the light. I often find myself rocking people in the Light as The Mother when I do this.

Above are four ways I become conscious of my heart which is often referred to as the Inner Sanctuary where The Presence lives. Let me know other ways you open yourself up.

Much, much love on this glorious Saturday,


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