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My Birthday Present to Me

    Today is my birthday!! Yes, I am a fun-loving, adventurous, travel-addicted Sag. So, what did I buy myself this year for my birthday present? A book of 286 letter, notes, and doodles by John Lennon. I love handwritten letters. I always have and appreciate them more now that most correspondence is done by text or email. There is a power in the written word and the words that come through the arm and written out of the hand to me gives forth an intimate, thoughtful energy. Thumbing through my birthday present today, I chose a postcard from John, Sean, and Yoko they sent to their friends for Thanksgiving in 1980: This past Friday evening I attended a Prayers in the Wind service at Agape Church in Culver City. Rev. Dr. Michael had each of us write a letter as though it were from God to someone in the sanctuary; letting the person know how deeply they are loved, how precious they are, how needed they are, etc....

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Birthday Letter to my Deceased Father

Today is my father’s birthday. He was my teacher when he was alive and continues to be my teacher after his death. On September 22, I posted a blog, Letters to Lillianne, about my practice of writing letters to my grand daughter to remind her of her Spiritual heritage and introduce her to her ancestral lineage. Another letter writing practice I look forward to is writing my father a letter on his birthday and Father’s Day to honor how he has informed me. And, today is his birthday. While my father walked this planet he taught me: To show up when I make a commitment, To decide I am personally responsible for the well-being of myself and my community, To teach through being and doing, To realize I wear my character on my sleeve and I can’t help but show it to others, To be willing to do what is mine to do whether it’s comfortable or not, To stand up for humanity when they can’t; then to teach...

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Waimea Wisdom

Alooooooooha. I am in Kauai celebrating a significant milestone birthday. My desire for myself? To see, know, recognize, give, and receive love in all of its magnificent forms. It has become a practice for me. I can sit in any situation and say “I spy with my own little eye, love ….” The Course in Miracles says everything is love or a cry for love. If this is indeed true, then I ought to see/experience if I give it attention. Kauai is an Hawaiian island where I have visited: as a child to play with my family, as a young adult to heal from heartbreak, with my daughter to bond and learn, to write my first book captive on a balcony overlooking the roaring Pacific, to explore deepening relationships with others, and now to celebrate who I’ve been and who I’m becoming in the next phase of unfolding. Yesterday I stood atop Waimea Canyon, the mini-Grand Canyon, reading this passage from mystic-teacher Joel Goldsmith: “Flow, God; flow! Flow into...

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