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Learning What Your Heart Wants to Know

      Author and curious learner Cassandra Overby set about interviewing individuals asking them about a pivotal moment in their lives which changed them. I was interviewed for the May 9th blog entry where I spoke of the power of silence in my life. If you are interested in reading the article, click here. This project got me thinking about the power of following my heart and honoring it by listening and then acting. How does my heart speak to me? In several ways. 1. When my heart is engaged and talking to me, I feel safe, whole, at one with everything and I often feel heat emanating from my physical heart. This state can be referred to as happiness, joy, bliss; all various degrees of the same thing. Interestingly enough, I can also feel my heart actively engaged when I am in the midst of feeling emotionally not so great and I take a loving stand for myself or another. In the first example, my heart is...

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