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Exploring Truth and Lies

I have received the message three times. Now it’s time to pay attention. Message #1: My spiritual advisor suggested I re-read The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. I embraced and then devoured it like a conversation with a friend I haven’t seen in way too long. I wanted to read more of his work so I ordered the only book of his I haven’t read — Glimpses of The Devil. This book chronicles two demonic exorcisms that Peck participated in as a psychiatrist. Peck claims that the devil gains possession of good people when they choose to override their internal discerning ability and choose to believe a lie over the Truth. Most religions, including Christianity, use the word Truth as a synonym for God. This book boiled down to colluding with lies as the impetus for evil. Hmmm. Message #2: Today’s CBS This Morning, has a wonderful segment on the creation of Wonder Woman. Her super power is the ability to wrap her golden lasso around someone who then must tell...

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Excerpt from The Voice Celestial

    This poem segment is worth reading out loud and then contemplating pieces of it for several minutes.  If it resonates with you, read this for one week to see what transpires for you.  I believe it is High Truth with blessed wisdom in it.  Love you … In every drop, the sea: in every cell, The Universe: in every soul, the life of God; and each contains full power of all. Life does not come in parts but wholes. There is No separation, no near nor farther out; No deeper down nor higher up, no void, No yonder; and no hopes that cannot be Fulfilled. The Power-of-All obtains in all, And Everywhere is here, and here is There. Draw thou on It if though wouldst truly be Complete nor suffer thirst again. Each soul Is drawn from circuits of the universe Where life and action have their center and Where every point is joined with every point And each event unites with each event In sequence after...

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