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Thinking Bigger, Different, Creatively in 2018

  I’m in a rut. My thinking has become increasingly smaller. My being is screaming to be let out of this internal straight jacket I’ve put myself in … HELP!! Seeing and feeling this quagmire led me to begin mind-opening practices to receive messages from The Only Thing That Is. Mid-December I began by meditating and hollering. Two very effective practices. Now that it is January, and I have been doing some mind-stretching, mind-bending practices to assist in the more linear areas of my brain; I feel as though shift is beginning to happen. Two things I am doing right now. First: I am imagining all of the businesses I could start in a small town. Not just start for me as a solo-preneur, but to hire the towns people; creating a win-win for everyone. Since committing to this mind-expanding exercise, I saw a story on 60 minutes about Islay, an island in Scotland whose sole product is a high-end scotch. The peat from the earth is unique and...

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Politics, Conflict and Division

    A beloved friend of mine has gone through a treacherous week of FaceBook bashing for his political views. On his FB page a mini-war has erupted with name calling directed at him. He called me really torn up inside. He is a deep, deep lover of humanity and serves his community through action. He is a good guy. And, his political views aren’t mine. Neither are the views of half of my friends. Half of my friends are Democrats and half are Republicans; and I don’t love either group of my friends more or less because of the road each party believes will create our brightest future. Somewhere in our history we have trained ourselves to hate the people, not the views. To attack people, not the views. To kill people, not views. Hate, attack, and killing views or people have never worked, anyway. People become damaged or dead and views still remain. In a dualistic world we will always have black and white, right and left,...

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Meaningful Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Friends,   Can’t think of what to get your beloved this year for the holiday season?   Grab your spiced cider, decide you will have an answer by reading this post and invest three minutes in finding your answer.   Last week I celebrated a MAJOR birthday.  Major in terms of number of years I’ve walked above the earth. At an intimate home gathering twelve friends created this masterpiece for me, before my eyes, at my party.  Five others had contributed to the blank canvas prior to this evening.  If you look closely you can see some phrases such as: Loud love Skipping through life Joy Love Speak light Peace Blessings Responding to the ideas I imagine Every day is a nice day Included in the design are hand prints, doves, a woman’s head, lips, an eyeball, numerous hearts and a cloth multi-colored peace sign in the center.  I LOVE this painting.  It represents all that is good in my life.  The colors wake me up.  When I see...

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