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What is Your Theme for 2016?

  Each year, around October, I start receiving clues about my theme for the upcoming year. I notice what is grabbing my intention and pulling at my desire strings. I start feeling a yearning to become more of myself in some area of my life. I am moved into curiosity. I invite into my dreams questions toward the forming of this theme. I am present to conversations, books, and shows where it seems like key words or phrases show up bold and underlined. I listen and watch for my body resonating with a concept. The feeling of this resonance is one of vitality mixed with giddiness. It can feel to me as though I’ve been thirsty and then I drank water. A kind of energetic satiation happens. And, bit-by-bit a theme begins to emerge. It begins as an idea and then starts to become full bodied; like a sponge in a capsule. With water added the capsule dissolves and I can have a more dimensional experience of the sponge. My theme for 2016 began to pop in November; I was asking...

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Three Arizona Writers Speak; I Listen

Yesterday I went to the heart of downtown, for my first time since moving to Phoenix.  Invited to hear three women speak as part of Arizona’s Centennial Celebration, I donned my tennis shoes and walking clothes and headed toward town.  Driving and parking became an emergent issue as I reached Jefferson and First Avenue.  A bike race was underway with speeding cyclists swooshing through the streets forcing me to park seventeen blocks from my destination.  Grateful for my choice in clothing and shoes, I began my walk toward the big event arriving fifteen minutes late. Martha Beck, known as “Oprah’s coach” had already begun her story telling.  I arrived to hear her recount dreams she had of Africa when she was pregnant with her son, Adam.  “Remember your dreams, if only a little part of them,” she encourages us.  Dreams led her to finding her Soul, finding her work, and finding herself.  Hundreds of Arizonans sat on the edge of their seats. She spoke of times when she felt...

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