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Where Has the Divine Shown Itself To You Today?

Photo of Sophy Burnham from her website sophyburnhamdotcom In the midst of writing a chapter on the benefits of being fluent in the language of emotions, I took a short break to contemplate.  On this day, contemplation meant cleaning out my e-mail box.  I discovered a message from Science of Mind Publications with their new online magazine complete with audio links. I entered. Curious with an interview on intuition, I placed my mouse over the link and began listening to Sophy Burnham, author and mystic speak on the topic.  I was pulled in when she said emotions are the gateway to intuition, or something to that effect.  I knew this was true, intuitively, however I didn’t know why and I wanted to know “the why”.  I found her contact information on the web and e-mailed her.  “Could we speak so I could have a greater understanding as to developing intuition through connection with the emotional body?”  Graciously, her answer was yes. I purchased and studied her book The Art of...

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