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Don’t Hate and Pray

  A few days ago, Nancy Pelosi was asked by a journalist if she was undertaking the impeachment process because she hated the President. Her response (paraphrased) was she has learned to not hate through the practice of her Catholic Faith.  Impeachment, she said, was about holding the president accountable to keeping his oath of office (behavior). She went on to say that she prays for the president often. This comment brought me back to when I first learned that someone’s behavior and our affection for them, can be different. My career has focused around training adults in different environments, public, corporate and spiritual. In my first corporate job I took a course and later taught a training program where I learned to separate my perception of someone (personal opinion) with the facts of their behavior. This has served me well as a supervisor, parent, friend, and definitely a clergy person. For example, if an employee was chronically late, I didn’t tell them they were worthless, (opinion) instead, I...

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Living Without the Idea of Sin

  I am on the final edit of a book I have been working on for over a year.  It is a book of daily lessons based upon the work of Emma Curtis Hopkins, a Christian Mystic.  Yesterday I edited a lesson based upon the idea “In God there is no sin.”  This was written in the late 1880s and was a radical idea.  Even today it can be for many of us. Who would you and I be without the idea of sin?  Without the idea of good, bad, right, and wrong and myself as the judge of it all?  How much energy would we have in my bodies to utilize for creative endeavors if it wasn’t tied up monitoring sin?  Judgement is a big business in our country and we tend to feed upon watching and commenting upon “wrongs” we perceive others have made. This morning, then, as I was involved in my spiritual practice, I read from Dr. Ernest Holme’s book The Celestial Voice.  In it...

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