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Half Way Through My Fast

  On February 1st I announced on my blog that I would go on a February Fast cutting out political news from my daily diet and taking my own energy back. I would meditate from 5 to 6 pm instead of watching Chris Matthews and re-direct my energy toward that which I value. I want to share with you what I’ve observed. When a plane makes a very small, microscopic shift in direction it will end up in a different country. In fact, most of the time pilots are flying they are adjusting course. Flying is a series of mini-course corrections until the desired destination is reached. I should not have been surprised by the impact that this one small change could make in my life, but I was. By giving up political news, reading, and radio, I regained time. Probably 10 to 15 hours per week. The past three months I have had extensive leg, groin, and back pain. Metaphysically this means an inability to move, feeling unsupported, and...

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Take Your Healing NOW

“The Holy Spirit has descended upon you, now reach out and take it,” says former actress and faith healer Sara O’Meara as she walks amongst seated individuals coming to experience their own recognition of Wholeness.  It is a hot, Phoenix evening, and maybe 100 of us are crammed next to each other in The Little Chapel with more in an overflow room.  It is June 1st with the temperature hovering over 100 degrees outside and it is warm inside.  “The energy of the Holy Spirit is warming,” she says with a smile.  “Aren’t we blessed?” I have always been attracted to faith healers and jump at opportunities to be in their presence.  These healers have touched within themselves an inner knowing and robust faith that allows them to stand courageously before others and call forth a deep, knowing within each of us that we can, have, and are the Whole Person we came to be. I studied with Dr. Eric Pearl, spent a weekend with Ron Roth, had my...

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Bringing Love to It All

Most mornings for me begin with a several mile walk to a coffee shop, sitting in an overstuffed chair with an herbal ice tea in one hand and a book in the other, and then walking back home.  Throughout this “me” time I am provided with an onslaught of insight about my life.  I may remember who I’ve been or I experience being pulled into who I’m becoming.  More often, I am practicing being present with each step and each breath. This year I turn fifty.  I see this as permission to strip away and shed all voices except my One True Voice.  Maybe they aren’t stripped or shed, but they certainly are encouraged to take second place to the One True Voice.  She comes forward on occassion with some brilliant recognition, more often then not, she comes forward with a deep love and I translate that well of feeling into words. I have been working on a book, well several to be honest, and I haven’t liked the “voice” I’ve...

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