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Take Your Healing NOW

“The Holy Spirit has descended upon you, now reach out and take it,” says former actress and faith healer Sara O’Meara as she walks amongst seated individuals coming to experience their own recognition of Wholeness.  It is a hot, Phoenix evening, and maybe 100 of us are crammed next to each other in The Little Chapel with more in an overflow room.  It is June 1st with the temperature hovering over 100 degrees outside and it is warm inside.  “The energy of the Holy Spirit is warming,” she says with a smile.  “Aren’t we blessed?”

I have always been attracted to faith healers and jump at opportunities to be in their presence.  These healers have touched within themselves an inner knowing and robust faith that allows them to stand courageously before others and call forth a deep, knowing within each of us that we can, have, and are the Whole Person we came to be.

I studied with Dr. Eric Pearl, spent a weekend with Ron Roth, had my own healing experience with John of God, watched people shake in the presence of Brazo the Gazer, and now I sit in a former horse stable, converted into a chapel on Sara’s home property watching her style of healing which is different from others I’ve experienced.

We start with a church service which may have been cutting edge in 1950. Patriotic songs are sung by a soloist and Sara gives a lenghthy talk which sounds like a compilation of GuidePost stories; light, happy, and couched between fundamental Christian colloquialisms.  There was a sweet purity to the evening. Two individuals stand up to testify, the first is gently encouraged to wrap up after a detailed ten plus minute account of regaining the use of her carpel tunneled hands. Then, the healing period begins.

Sara’s enters into prayer the night prior to her monthly gatherings.  She asks God what is to be healed and she creates a list along with messages she is to deliver.  However, she says, “don’t let this list limit you.  Reach out and take your healing.”

With list in hand she says, “There are four of you here with anxiety, God wants you to enter into a quiet place and pray to have it lifted.”

Raise your hand if you have neck problems.  Hands shoot up.  One-by-one she stands in front of those self-identified and says “move your neck.”  Then, “how does it feel?”

Interestingly, each person begins by entering into a past story … “years ago,” and she interrupts them, “Now, today, at this moment … how does it feel?”  The typical response “better.”

“Then feel into the better.  How does it feel now?”

As the individual turns their neck and their attention toward its feeling, we hear, “It is healed.”

She walks onto the next person.  And the process is pretty much the same.  Old story and within thirty seconds amazement and “it’s healed.”

At least forty people have declared themselves to be healed of everything from arm, legs, and neck issues within ten minutes or so.  She reminds us to leave doubt alone and focus on God.  “The Holy Spirit is available to you, always.”  Go to God in prayer.

I left with such a deep appreciation for my life.  Although I believe the Holy Spirit to be within me, I took with me the visual of the Holy Spirit hovering over me waiting for me to reach up and take my healing NOW; or take my faith; my joy; my wealth; my harmony; my love, whatever I may feel separate from.  The NOW moment and the available closeness of God’s Good resonated loudly within me as I drove away with my friend.

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