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Praying for Another

In the midst of writing a chapter today on “befriending loss” my phone rang.  A dear friend/colleague of mine was on the other end.  Between sobs of roaring tears she eeeeked out “I need help.  Please pray for me.”  Hearing traffic as background noise, I told her to pull over to the side of the road, get out of the car with her feet on the green grass and call me back. She did. I typically don’t get authoritative with those calling for help.  I knew, however, she was not grounded and rattled.  Standing on firm ground and breathing was a large part of what she needed.  Her story spilled forth.  She was financially afraid.  She had undertaken a large endeavor with a huge financial payoff down the way.  Until then, she was afraid she’d run out of resources.  We prayed together on the phone and I reminded her she is made in the image of the Most High God and within her and around her is everything she...

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