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What Question Are You Living Into?

The Buddhists have a meditative practice where they sit and ask the question, “who am I?” Once an individual has gone through their list of labels — mom, daughter, teacher, friend, woman, etc. what remains is that which is beyond definition; The ISNESS that IS. It is a great question to live into. Once beyond the form of life, we can access a Life Force and realize it is THAT which is alive. The Buddhists also have an inquiry process when it comes to emotions. It is called Taking the Seat. It is a practice I did for ten years anytime an emotional arose from within me. I would become an interviewer and question the emotion until I knew it so well that I had befriended it. The questions I asked included: “what is your color?” “what is your texture?” “where are you located in my body?” “what is my first memory of you?” “what is your temperature?” and after a series of questions I always ended with, “and...

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Raw Art Journaling: Interview with Quinn McDonald

BB  How does your book support individual inquiry into one’s deepest Self? QMc Raw art journaling is the deep-rooted, authentic heart work you bring to your journal. Raw art is what heals and restores, and requires only an open mind and heart, not a pile of equipment or years of talent. Raw art is the GPS system for your journey, and like the GPS you use in your car, it is intensely personal to your journey. How you create art is up to you–from drawing to painting, singing, dancing, writing or performing music or parenting, comforting people or leading a team–and putting your talent to practice is always deeply, richly, personal. BB Tell me more about making through making art. QMc My life changed entirely when I realized that we don’t find meaning in life, we make meaning from life. We don’t pursue meaning, we develop it over time, each of us in our own journey. Creativity is what makes meaning in our complex lives. The act of discovery...

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