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Take Your Healing NOW

“The Holy Spirit has descended upon you, now reach out and take it,” says former actress and faith healer Sara O’Meara as she walks amongst seated individuals coming to experience their own recognition of Wholeness.  It is a hot, Phoenix evening, and maybe 100 of us are crammed next to each other in The Little Chapel with more in an overflow room.  It is June 1st with the temperature hovering over 100 degrees outside and it is warm inside.  “The energy of the Holy Spirit is warming,” she says with a smile.  “Aren’t we blessed?” I have always been attracted to faith healers and jump at opportunities to be in their presence.  These healers have touched within themselves an inner knowing and robust faith that allows them to stand courageously before others and call forth a deep, knowing within each of us that we can, have, and are the Whole Person we came to be. I studied with Dr. Eric Pearl, spent a weekend with Ron Roth, had my...

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