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Prayer for Katherine Jackson

Two weeks ago, today, my daughter gave birth to a daughter, and I was made a grandmother. I am still learning what that means to my Soul and to my contribution while here on earth. I listen, and take note as I experience an inner shift underway. Last night I was awoken from a dream to pray for Katherine Jackson. This is not the first time I have experienced a deeper inner nudge calling me into prayer for someone I don’t personally know. This could be my unconscious mind, it could be the Voice of God. It doesn’t matter to me where it originated, what I know is; I was to pray. At 2 a.m., I crawled out of bed and prayed for Ms. Jackson who earlier in the week I witness an unhealed brokenness within her while watching her interview with Piers Morgan. Ms. Jackson on Piers Morgan Prayer for Katherine Jackson: I know there is One Presence, One Life, One Love which I choose to call God....

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