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The Prayer Field

In my last blog post I shared a bit about my journey into the Deep Silence of My Soul. I always thought I’d write a book about it, but knew I needed to be marinated more before I was ready to share my experience and maybe the experience was mine to hold without sharing. Yet out of the seeming nowhere, I am now compelled to speak of my experience with some level of objectivity and reverence. During my three year sabbatical I experienced many different dimensions which were revealed to and through me. One such dimension I refer to as the feeling tone of suicide or oblivion. For a good week I wasn’t alive energetically. This was not a psychological experience, this was not an emotional experience. This was a full body, in a field experience. I could not see or experience any form of life within me or around me. For all intent purposes I was dead. Gone were my emotions. Gone was my thinking. Gone was my...

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Until It’s Done: Celebrating a Big Completion

I pinch myself giggling. Close to twenty years of holding an idea and deepening into it, and two years of dedicated writing and rewriting, my book A Year of Go(o)d: Daily Lessons for the Mystic in Training is written, re-written, edited, re-written, published, and now available for sale. Pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch. Giggle, giggle, giggle. I stop, take a big deep breath, send an email to each of my friends, and celebrate this moment. It’s a big deal and I acknowledge it to myself. Until it’s done, was my mantra with this book. First came the idea. I was in a class studying the roots of the New Thought philosophy in the mid-1990s. I read Self Reliance by Emerson and felt like I was known. I read Judge Thomas Troward’s Edinburgh Lectures and had dreams of energy spirals, experiencing expansion and illumination. Then, I got to Emma Curtis Hopkins work and my body tingled, trembled, and experienced a cellular shift which I couldn’t ignore. Many in my class dismissed...

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