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The Prayer Field

Dear Friends,

In my last blog post I shared a bit about my journey into the Deep Silence of My Soul. I always thought I’d write a book about it, but knew I needed to be marinated more before I was ready to share my experience and maybe the experience was mine to hold without sharing. Yet out of the seeming nowhere, I am now compelled to speak of my experience with some level of objectivity and reverence.

During my three year sabbatical I experienced many different dimensions which were revealed to and through me. One such dimension I refer to as the feeling tone of suicide or oblivion. For a good week I wasn’t alive energetically. This was not a psychological experience, this was not an emotional experience. This was a full body, in a field experience. I could not see or experience any form of life within me or around me. For all intent purposes I was dead. Gone were my emotions. Gone was my thinking. Gone was my motivation. Gone was my identity. Gone was my connection with God. It was as though I had flatlined and life around me had done the same. And a week is a long time for this. Ten minutes or ten hours is a long time to be in a capsule of energy with this much non-intensity, intensity. A week was truly excruciating. And I sat with it and let it be.

One day while driving up Bethany Home to the freeway while waiting for a light to change colors, I asked myself what this field was. The answer that bubbled up within me was “this is the lifeless energy dimension that people experience and kill themselves because it is so uncomfortable to be in.” So I then asked, “why haven’t I killed myself?” And I saw a pin prick of light out in the distance recesses of my mind and I was told, “because you’ve been to the Prayer Field and you know it exists.” As I saw this pin prick in my Mind’s Eye I felt as though I was being given the most valuable of gems. “The Prayer Field is where since the beginning of time people have prayed for Lost Souls. This Field is potent and filled with ancestors and people who opened their hearts for the well being of others they’ll never met. It exists in Eternity.” Almost immediately this Prayer Field began to ooze throughout my body spreading slowly but surely. I began to experience hints of life which would make its way back into my being.

Most mystics have a way of describing this empty space. This next paragraph is John Main’s way of explaining The Lifeless State.

Now this second sort of silence, when God seems to have withdrawn his presence, is also a reality. It is one where we are left with no sense of his being but only with the sense of his wholesale withdrawal from our world, from our consciousness. We learn over and over again in meditation that we must never be possessive. It is true that it is wonderful when we do have a sense of God’s infinity filling us with an infinite calm, a profound sense of wonder. This is a wonderful gift but it is not one that we must either seek or seek to possess, or to confect. One of the things we learn through meditation as we mature, as we go further along the path, is to be equally content with either of these forms of silence, with the infinite sense of his presence as with the finite sense of his absence. It is harder for us at the beginning because when we start to meditate we haven’t learned much about detachment We haven’t reached the stage where we can be equally content with absence as with presence, and anyway we are always looking for our meditation to satisfy us. We are always looking to prove to ourselves that it works, that now we know God now we have learned to live in his presence. But the purpose of the second form of silence, his absence, is to purify us so that we learn to love God selflessly as he loves us (and himself). He teaches us to be strong in love, strong in fidelity and to ensure that we love God for himself and in himself and not only for any manifestation of his presence that satisfies us.” The Way of Unknowing, John Main

During my meditation and prayers I am often given by The Presence someone to pray for. I go into The Prayer Field and sit with this person’s name or visual picture in my mind and pray for them. They will never know that they’ve been prayed for. Never. They can’t. I often have no clue who they are. But friends, people have prayed for both you and I without knowing us. This is part of the Journey of Faith. To be of service to others with no return. Just because Divine Love has tapped us on the shoulder. Just because we are blessed enough to give forth.

As we go through the holiday season there are many people in a lot of pain. They are estranged from their family or they don’t like/know themselves. A family member has passed away. I invite you to join me in praying for others we know and don’t know to experience the Grace and Love of God right now. The Prayer Field is Real and so are you!

Much Love,

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