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Happy 2019! Creating and Welcoming In THE NEW

In my last post I left you with ways to complete 2018 and close out the new year with the promise that in January I would welcome you into the NEW YEAR with suggestions for cultivating THE NEW. I would pepper my blog with actions for creating NEW and then I would offer the Momentum and Miracles class in February for those of you interested in focusing on ONE thing and making it manifest. Then, I got the flu. And my head has been married to my pillow and my eyes have been shut tight….for TWO WEEKS. So, I am slow on the uptake of the New Year. But, what I know is that there is NO time and space in God and every moment is NEW. So I am slowly, ever so slowly, welcoming in the NEW Year and uncertain about my readiness to offer M & M in February (stay tuned). As I do each year, I have revisited many of my books and sources on planning....

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Meditation Monday: Connecting with The NEW

    Welcome to a NEW Meditation Monday Meditation. Welcome to the NEW moment in your life. New, improved, fresh, current. New, New, New, New. I love the word new even though it is overused in our culture and typically associated with wanting to sell something. New means something hasn’t been before. As spiritual beings we are constantly living in the energy of NEW as each moment, each now is literally new. It has never existed before and never will again. Our Infinite Self meets the finite self through time and space in form. The form, moment, insight, relationship with life is new at this very moment. Our bodies renew and rebuild themselves constantly. According to, red blood cells live for four months and white for over a year. Skin cells live two to three weeks. Colon cells replace themselves every four days and sperm cells every three. Our bodies are doing the ‘new.’ I am keenly aware that this is the first Monday in Lent. Lent is...

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And A New Year, It Is

  I have been fascinated with the idea of “new” this year. “New,” of course, means it hasn’t been before. I’m reading Billionaire Richard Branson‘s autobiography and aware he names his companies “Virgin,” as for him, each company and its concept for him is “new.” It is outside of the known. It is beyond what is present preceding this moment. The idea hasn’t yet taken form. 2013 is a time in history which hasn’t yet been. And, within this year I can experience newness by becoming new and courting The New. I can decide the way I will approach life. Will I choose to be a victim, complain, and judge? Or, will I choose to live from my Highest knowing of Spirit? Will I contribute my gifts, skills and talents to Life? And, in what forms? And, to whom? Do I dare to be the Authentic Bonnie as more and more of me is revealed to me? I say YES to entering into my own new experience of me....

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