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Righting a Wrong

I sat on my mini-couch with my daughter to my right and my grand daughter in a bouncing contraption placed upon the worn coffee table in front of me. We chose to watch Oprah’s Where Are They Now show. I wasn’t prepared for the story to come. Oprah aired a few segments about a woman in 1993 who applied to go to the military college, the Citadel. She got in and then was promptly denied admission once it was learned she was a woman. After a court battle, Shannon Faulkner won the right to attend the academy of her dreams. She stayed two days and promptly left after the intense hatred, hazing, bullying, and pressure she endured. The You Tube clip begins with a little taste of the energy directed toward her by the community. Then, Ms. Faulkner continues her update with what transpired after leaving The Citadel. Two hundred plus women have now attended the academy and she went on to graduate from another institution. Citadel alum and...

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What Are You Reading?

Today I added my Summer Reading List to my blog site.  As I posted the books I am nurturing this summer, I felt a bit naked.  I became aware that what I read informs me and others quite a bit about who I am, where I’ve been, what I dream about, and where my interest lies.  I feel I am splayed open with book in hand and an inquirer staring on.  I hesitated for a moment about posting my reads.  I share them with my closest of friends, but putting them on-line for the world to see?  Taking a deep breath, I reminded myself the world isn’t currently reading my post; just smart, hip, loving people (wink).  Plus, I’m practicing transparency.  Haven’t we all thought the same thing or shared the same emotion at some point? Shaking and hugging myself simultaneously I began posting. One of the books I’ve recently read is Pat Conroy’s My Reading Life where he chronicles his life journey through his love of various books. Where the Wild Things Are The Five Chinese Brothers (Paperstar) and a...

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