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Faith, Faith and a Dose More of Faith

  Today I am willing to let go of thinking I know everything. I see the Roller Derby of my mind, all of my opinions elbowing each other and jockeying for position. I see the ‘inner committee’ and laugh at its pushiness. I surrender to the space beyond the committee of opinions; the space that knows nothing and trusts everything. I make room for new discoveries — in the world, in myself and in others. Life is much better when I’m not a big smarty-pants. And so it is! Affirmation by Rev. Bonnie Rose, Ventura Center for Spiritual Living, November 6, 2013 One month ago today I woke up in my friend Heather’s home in Arizona, drove through three thunder and lightening storms with my car loaded from bottom to top with suitcases, clothes, salad dressings, photos, a few books, three overhead bags of toiletries, and three grocery bags of tea to land in West Hollywood, California on one of the hottest days of the year. The first thing...

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The Spiritual Revival

    I woke up this morning thinking about the Spiritual Revival, a two night event in the Los Angeles area. In three weeks, I, along with three powerful women, will facilitate stepping into the Field of Divine Love through prayer, meditation, chant, music, and dancing.   My sister-friend Larisa Stow and the Shakti Tribe will weave music throughout the spiritual facilitation. Her music is known to create a vibration-raising revolution with their edgy blend of mantra-infused rock. My other sister-friend Gino Walker will be one of the three spiritual facilitators of the evening. She too is a powerful singer, singing from the consciousness of Oneness. Gino is also a Spiritual Teacher, teaching what she lives. Gino will close out the evening with her facilitation. I am the third spiritual facilitator for the evening and will open the Revival centering and grounding us in The Good of God. The first evening, Friday, October 18, will be held at the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living where Rev. Bonnie Rose will...

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