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Going Deeper

Last month I made a pilgrimage to Los Angeles to attend an Emerging Edge Conversation with Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith at Agape International Spiritual Center. I have been a long time supporter, grateful participant, and distant congregant of this center visiting four or five times per year for the past twenty years. This visit was different. I entered into the sacred space and felt it. The field was palpable. The air was vibrant. I knew I was sitting in a consciously built field of Go(o)d and I knew the very place I sat in was pregnant with Infinite Possibility. I felt it.  What existed in this space was so much more than a spiritual leader who lives from Truth; although this was essential to the field. The space, I knew, was created by hundreds of practitioners in prayer, by inspired music vibrating throughout the room, by a community who has a regular spiritual practice and yes, a powerful spiritual leader who embodies Go(o)d. In the midst of this field a...

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