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Going Deeper

Dear Friends,Last month I made a pilgrimage to Los Angeles to attend an Emerging Edge Conversation with Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith at Agape International Spiritual Center. I have been a long time supporter, grateful participant, and distant congregant of this center visiting four or five times per year for the past twenty years.

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

This visit was different.

I entered into the sacred space and felt it. The field was palpable. The air was vibrant. I knew I was sitting in a consciously built field of Go(o)d and I knew the very place I sat in was pregnant with Infinite Possibility.

I felt it. 

What existed in this space was so much more than a spiritual leader who lives from Truth; although this was essential to the field. The space, I knew, was created by hundreds of practitioners in prayer, by inspired music vibrating throughout the room, by a community who has a regular spiritual practice and yes, a powerful spiritual leader who embodies Go(o)d. In the midst of this field a woman stood up to say she had been deaf in her left ear and now hears. This kind of announcement has happened often during my visits to Agape. I was sitting in a community surrendered into and coming from Divine Love.

I wanted, once again, to move to Los Angeles to be active in this community.

Marianne Williamson

Then, I went to a Monday evening talk with Marianne Williamson. I didn’t experience this active field. I experienced instead the Grace of God as a woman named Marianne who spoke Truth, brought forth Mother Love energy, and prayed with individuals who had forgotten who they were.

I drove back to Phoenix saying “I want that too.”

Days later in meditation, I continued to yearn for a local Deep Spiritual Community which lives from Go(o)d as its set point.

Then I had the realization. I was to bring it forward. That is why I am here in Phoenix. It is mine to do.

I met with Rev. Michele Whittington, senior minister of Creative Living Fellowship, who said “YES” to one evening a week of gathering people who do their spiritual practices, live from Spirit, and desire a deeper communion with their own Soul.

Beginning Wednesday, October 10, 6:30 to 7:30 pm at Creative Living Fellowship, 6530 N 7th Street, I am calling other spiritual brothers and sisters across faiths who practice or are committed to the practice of the Presence of Love to join me for a mini-talk, questions answered, and collective spiritual practice. We will meet in the sanctuary and the cost is $20 at the door.

If you are called to go deeper, I’ll see you on the 10th,

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