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God Wants me to Party

  My sweetheart and I have plane tickets to go to Bali. Yesterday we learned the island is being evacuated because of volcanic seismic activity. We’re thinking about changing our plans. On the news this morning the focus is Puerto Rico with the residents without water, electricity, and food. The newspaper still covers the last two hurricanes which reeked havoc in our country. As I sit here today feeling concerned over our president’s mental health and what looks like lack of stability; I get quiet and pray. I ask my Self what I can do in the world and for the world. Then I am reminded … Everything is God! Everything is Go(o)d. Another name for God is Good; or That Which is Good.I inhale and exhaled this realization. Everywhere I go God is. Everyone I see is a manifest form of God (whether they have awoken to this or not). The disturbance is in my mind reflected upon the world. It is my insides that are being called to...

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A Soulful Resource: Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer is praying from an internal state of Oneness with The Great Love and praying from the State which is desired, instead praying about the something desired.  It is embodying the end result energetically and then knowing it for yourself or another. The philosopher and spiritual teacher Ernest Holmes created an easy five step process for praying affirmatively. 1. Recognizing The Creator.  Sitting quiet in a contemplative space of knowing there is One Energy from which all Life and forms flow.  Connect with that Energy field with an open, grateful heart.  The basking in this dimension is often enough. 2. Unifying with The Creator.  Once the contemplation is set, then allow yourself to realize It lives within YOU.  The State is coming forth through communion within your very being. 3. Claim what it is your heart desires.  This is done “affirmatively” meaning in the present tense as though it is so.  If the prayer is for health it is speaking the words of well-being for yourself. 4. Give...

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