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Sophy Burnham on Connecting with Our Intuitive Selves

The October 3rd post “Where has the Divine shown Itself to You Today?” was inspired by my phone conversation with author and mystic Sophy Burnham.  The two of us engaged in an hour-long conversation about the spiritual journey and intuition.  I wanted to know how intuition hooked up with emotions and how an I could cultivate a stronger intuitive knowing. “Intuition” Sophy says, “is really developed through empathy.”  “Empathy, however, is developed through knowing your own emotional self so you can see the emotional expressions in others.”  The right side of the brain, which hosts creativity, does not utilize language like the left side of the brain does.  Information comes through the right side through feelings and pictures.  Our left brain isn’t developed until we are five years old when reason and rationalization become developed.  In our culture, we tend to, then, value the left side of the brain and close down the access to our right side.  Both sides are necessary, and equally valuable.  When an individual is...

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