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Outwitting The Devil

I have been known to gobble, not savor books.  This one was no exception. You see, Napoleon Hill’s work was influential with me in my 20s and 30s as I was learning my way around the work world and becoming awake to the power of my consciousness.  His book Think and Grow Rich served me well for two decades.  In it I learned the power of a Master Mind group, creating and implementing a plan and keeping good counsel with myself.  I became who I am now partly due to the influence of this one small book.  Hill’s book was written in 1938 just following Think and Grow Rich but was kept in a vault until this year and Hill’s family and advisors had passed away.  Sharon Letcher was asked to bring this work into the world and is listed as co-author. So, my interest was peaked when I saw my friend Mary had “liked” this book on Facebook.  I ordered it and when it arrived I sat and...

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