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I’m All Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree

Does your curiosity ever become so dogged that like a dog with a bone you just won’t let it go? I have two of those going on right now. One is The Flow. I can’t stop reading about, meditating on, feeling into, and celebrating The Flow. It is as though it is new to me. My response to it is consumption. I want to linger around it, take it in, read about it, talk about it. It is a fixation of sorts. The second is my curiosity about my nervous system. My nervous system seems to be how I organize my life nowadays. I am obsessed with looking at pictures of it every day. I think the system is beautiful. It is our electric system delivering intelligence throughout our body system. Photos of the system remind me of a Christmas tree, as though you and I are walking trees with our lights on the inside. And information is disseminated in what looks like little bursts. Imagine my brain, or...

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The Impact of Trauma on the Emotions with Kim Lipsman

“Trauma, I would define, is the inability to stay in the present.”  Kim Lipsman Emotions are wonderful nuggets of energy which rise up in response to an idea, thought, perception, or reaction.  If, however, you are traumatized, these nuggets may proceed thought and/or direct it.  Even more likely, is the chance you are separated from thought. During my two years of solitude I worked with Kim, above, to restore my emotional self to a place of balance and trustworthiness.  I relearned the  nuances of emotion and came to fall in love, once again, with the miracle of self expression through emoting.  I allowed myself to write poetry, paint and wallow in emotional states not from a place of judgment, but from a place of gratitude. When is the last time you gave thanks for your ability to become angry, disgruntled, happy, frustrated or giddy?  It is a wonderful practice.  Catch an emotion rising up from within, name it and then with delight say “I love this feeling.”  This freedom...

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