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Patti Digh: How I Know I’m Aligned with My Soul

I was introduced to Patti’s work through a stranger. I was visiting Cannon Beach, Oregon less than one month after my dad died. I was raw with grief and entered a spa with a book in hand about writing my emotions. I was greeted by a perky Lisa who asked me what I was reading. I shared with her the book was on Sark’s book recommendation list and her enthusiasm upleveled. “Have you read Patti Digh?  If  you like Sark, you’ll like Patti.”  She wrote Patti’s name on a piece of paper with the name of her book Life is a Verb.  She said “Patti’s stepdad died after being diagnosed with cancer. He lived 37 days and it his loss changed her life.”  This, of course, got my attention. Grateful for a fellow traveler I went into a private room for a foot treatment. I emerged an hour later, skin softer, heart still shattered. As I leave the private room I find Lisa pacing nearby.  “Oh My God, she says,...

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