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There is Something Within Me that Knows

I am in the midst of such an exquisite awareness. Curiosity and innate wisdom have joined their hands together and are leading me to resources describing what I know to be true in new ways. I find myself reading books on emergence, field and systems theory, lost (now found) books of the Bible, collective revelations, tribes, and watching videos by teachers that move me. This is interspersed with my own silent reflection and meditation. If I could bottle up this feeling tone and pass it around we’d all be┬átalking about the party for the remainder of our lives. One of the books I am reading is called Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future by four change leadership colleagues* who got together to dialogue on what happens at the point of collective breakthrough. As a minister, soon to be community leader, these observations hold great value to me. How does or could transformation happen within and to the collective consciousness? Silence is a key. And, the shift,...

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My Vulnerability Hangover

Three Wednesday’s ago I began giving talks at a local church with the purposeful intent of going deeper into Spirit. These one hour gatherings include spiritual practices, insights, and conversations between individuals wanting to activate their inner Spirit and live from their Soul as home base. The first evening I spoke of the Highest Most and Innermost God being One God; based upon Dr. Ernest Holmes’ Declaration of Principles. I spoke of the quantum field and the scientific discovery of light within humanity. And I spoke of each one of us as the Light of God and contributors to shaping the field, or the collective consciousness. After a powerful evening I returned home feeling a deep, deep dread. I experienced a scare born out of self exposure. I had nuded myself in front of a room full of people and I felt vulnerable. And, I couldn’t shake it. My sleep was a bit restless and I awoke with the desire of calling everyone who attend for the evening to...

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