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Waiting for Baby James

    My daughter’s family is growing. She has an active, powerhouse of a 20 month old toddler whose favorite words are “no” and “da-da.” She lives with her fiancé’ and 20 month old daughter in a two bedroom condo. The living room looks like a bomb of toys and stuff animals exploded on the blue carpet. The Little One is learning to pick up after herself, but it is slow going. This is my daily job description: picking up, washing, making, cleaning up, playing, walking and tending. The picking up and washing are pretty much the same: clothes and dishes. The making consists of three meals plus snacks, the playing and walking are done with The Little One and  the tending is to my daughter who feels like she has a bowling ball plus the bowling alley sitting on her bladder at all times. We are awaiting the birth of baby James. He was first due on my grandmother’s birthday, February 23. Then, the date was moved to...

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The Big Wait

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson     There  was a time not that long ago that I valued travel and adventure over all else.  Put me in a car with a tank full of gas and a GPS and I was a happy woman.  After three years of intentional home building, there is nothing more that I yearn for than home.  I have gone from two extremes; the wanderer to the homebody. The truth is, I am home whenever my heart is open.  As I hang out in a state of impatience, my heart is closed and I go into an inward battle between what is and what I want.  This battle is a guaranteed “lose” every time, yet I still engage in it. So, how do I practice patience in a state of impatience?  I don’t know.  Yet, I’ve practiced loving I didn’t feel it and I’ve practiced generosity when I’ve felt impoverished, so this challenge ought to be worth my...

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