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Creating Momentum and Opening to Miracles

Dear Friends,

I am in the Holy Moment of coming out of a fallow time into one of action.

With each step I take I become aware of just a small bit of momentum that starts to build. It is fragile, weak, and lonely; yet I am aware that the more movement I make internally and expressed externally, the stronger this momentum becomes and I can feel a build of energy happening. It is no accident that the word “momentum” comes from the Latin word MOVE.

I am also keenly aware that I live in a world of Miracles. According to the dictionary, the word miracle means “of Divine Agency.” And isn’t the combustion fun when Momentum and Miracles collide?

For two decades, now, I have worked with business owners offering my own version of a Master Mind with the focus of expanding the customer base of a business. I am now taking what I know and applying it to a 30, instead of 90 day practice. And opening it to both business and non-business owners with the option to choose what ONE THING you would like to manifest in ONE MONTH or ONE HABIT you’d like to focus on moving forward. I will offer this MasterMind on Facebook Live, in a private group room, so you don’t have to be local to be involved.

How does this work?

Monday through Friday, July 2nd through 31st at 7:30 am PST I will host approximately 15 minutes or so of one of the following — meditation, inspiration, action and mind-expanding activities in order to keep your focus and commitment to yourself and as much as possible to limit distractions. Your commitment is to be present for the Live video, or watch it later in the day, then engage with what is offered, and post if you are inspired to do so. The more you participate, the more you gain. Do you need prayer support? You will be in my prayers for the month.

This invitation is last minute, so the group may be REAL small. Whatever the size, I am showing up. If you are considered about the 4th of July vacation being in the middle of this, don’t worry as the first week is consciousness work and can be done on the beach or in the office.

The investment is $129, so now the question is what ONE THING do you want to focus on so you are different or the thing is completed within the month. Are you wanting support on a new eating plan? Do you have a book you’d like to complete or one chapter you’d like to write per week? Is your business going through a branding process? Are you wanting a new website completed? How about eliminating all excess from your home? Your ONE THING is yours and unique. The process is universal and powerful.

To register, go to my website, and within the event and classes tab is a button to register.

With An Open Heart,




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