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Divine Mother

Dear Friends,



Motherhood in America is often associated with traditional American values. Just go to your local card shop and pick up a card from the rack. Chances are you will need a warm shower and pouf afterward to wash off the sugary glaze.

Motherhood truly is a sacred calling and holy assignment. It is no small feat to nurture a child into their Divine Wholeness. However, I have worked with many clients who felt gipped in the mother department. Their mother was abusive, inattentive, self-centered, addicted, or invested in an image over the needs of their children. These kids are left with a different experience of Mother’s Day, and even more, a gaping hole in their heart that was never filled.

Divine Mother

Hindu Divine Mother

What does one do then, spiritually, when their emotional/physical needs weren’t met? My answer is to open up to the Grace and Love of the Divine Mother.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary

The Divine Mother is front and center in the Hindu faith and included in a secondary, yet substantial role, as Mother Mary in the Catholic faith. She can be found in esoteric teachings and in metaphysics is known as The Feminine Energy within All Life. The opportunity is to access one’s own inner Divine Mother and allow her to give you what your heart has always desired, often through your own giving forth of this energy to others.

What attributes are given to the Feminine? Birth, life, nurturing, receptivity, creation, restoration, renewal, openness, symbology (vs. linear), intuition, insight, understanding, wisdom, forgiveness, connection, harmony, gentleness and the heart (vs. the head).

The cultivation and givingness of attributes that weren’t active in one’s younger life can take quite some time to identify, practice, and integrate; and that’s okay. You are worth it. 

Identify: The Good news is that all of us have these Divine attributes within our lives. They were expected from a mother who couldn’t deliver, yet when you look long enough you see they were delivered through others. This could be a teacher, neighbor, friend, minister … There is no absence in God. Getting out the journal and recognizing where these qualities have been present and actively receiving the energy and the teaching of them is a great first step.

Practice: This is where you get the opportunity to fumble, feel awkward, mess up, and welcome the energy you are cultivating to become an active bedrock within your own consciousness. If you are practicing creation, you may learn to cook burning a few meals. Should you take a painting class you may awaken to the power of color in creation as well as healing.

Integrate: Another word for integrate is “become.” As you have identified, then practiced a new way of being, the biology shifts to renew or restore or include the Whole self including the Feminine.

Today is Mothers Day. Whether your experience of mom met the American ideal or didn’t; my desire for you is to know The Divine Mother and her many gifts for you and as you.

Happy Sunday!!



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