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Inspiration on a Hotel Bathroom Wall

Dear Friends,


In early metaphysics there is much written about Truth (with a capital T) as being a healing and restorative balm. The idea of affirmations and denials came out of the concept of speaking that which is Eternally True to the thoughts within your mind that are temporary and will not sustain themselves. For example. I am love (affirmation), hate is NOT who I am (denial). So, it was kind of fun to walk into a public bathroom in Port Townsend Washington to find a Truth to the right of the toilet paper…You are enough.

When I arrived for my writing retreat, at the SeaTac airport, just outside of the terminal was a garbage can with a rock on top of it. It also brought a smile to my face … a dose of sanity in the midst of travel chaos.

I pondered the most, though, at a framed print inside of my bathroom at Suncadia. There was a bicycle with the wording “Follow the Path of Life.” This idea is not as much metaphysical as it is Buddhist or Mystical. A metaphysician “creates” their life through aligning their consciousness to a desire; like an artist creating a sculpture. A mystic allows the Presence to bring forth the perfect life for their Soul, knowing and trusting that which is Higher knows better than the personality the life one is to live. And as one grows spiritually there is a realization that Life isn’t an either/or but an “and.” Both are True. We go with the flow and we sculpt. As with the other surprises, this one also brought me into Truth which allowed me to remember who I am and the movement of life.

May your day be filled with surprises and delightful messages.


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