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Meditation Monday: Rockin’ and Rollin’ … Literally

Dear Friends,


I woke up this morning to my walls wiggling, bed shaking, and trinkets dancing along the bookshelf. There was a 4.7 earthquake with its epicenter just a few miles from where I am living. Nothing like an earthquake to wake me up and get me active in a life inventory.

As Mediation Monday, I knew today I would meditate throughout the day on WHO I am, WHAT I am doing, and WHY I am doing it. This is an active part of intentional living; knowing the WHY, or purpose behind what I do. Unknown-1

Today’s meditation is to be awake to what is, why I’m engaged in what is, and how I show up for it.

Today I took my elderly friend on a tour of Hollywood and laughed, learned stories of those who went before us and saw beautiful homes. WHY I did this was to feed my Soul that loves history. And, to be with a friend I adore. How I did this was with humor and lightness. And, what we did was of great interest to me. It was a good day.

Throughout the day, stop and breathe. Take in a why, what and how.

Remember, your life is worth living full out!!

A big St Patrick’s Day Hug to You!!


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