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Rebooting Yourself

Dear Friends,


I am facilitating an online group for people who have a goal they want to accomplish, a direction they desire to head in or a habit they want to break within a thirty day period. The group is called Momentum and Miracles and it is offered through FaceBook Live. Momentum because I had been in a rut and wanted to jump start my ministry into an every day practice with a community of cool people interested in inner and outer movement. And, Miracles as I had become dull to the splendor and magic of waking up in the morning when 6,775 people in America didn’t (that’s the daily death average). I was becoming lazy in my appreciation for Life Herself. I knew others would also want to reboot and lean into The Shared Field of Divine Movement.

This process has served me well. I’m back to feeling an aliveness in my body that provokes a lot of laughter and perspective.

There is power in discipline and accountability. To make a commitment out loud in the presence of others can be a sacred ritual we give to ourselves. My commitment was to write daily starting with an hour and then each week increasing it by 30 minutes. This week I am writing two hours a day. Yet, with everything, it isn’t in the doingness that holds the lasting power but the becoming of a new self that is generated out of the commitment I made to myself.

Think about it for a moment. Who do I become when I set the intention of writing daily for 30 days and then do it? First, the obvious. I become a writer. Now the juice … I become someone who keeps her word to herself. What does that mean? It means I can depend upon myself and I am trustworthy. Pretty cool. Added to this bonus is a rearranging of my priorities so I say YES to that which is in alignment with my direction and NO to that which isn’t. I am shoring in my new identity. And, I stand witness to old habits and behavior as they slough off; some easy-peasy, others so difficult they require a crowbar level of assistance and yet that which doesn’t fit must go.

As we are multi-dimensional beings; the daily inspirational teachings can be physical (how to create a project plan), mental (the origin of self denial and its transformation into useful energy) and spiritual (prayers and communion with The Only). Today’s lesson was on curiosity as a way of breaking through judgment (right/wrong thinking) and asking big questions for the Soul to respond in kind.

There is a groundswell to offer another 30 Day Momentum and Miracles in September … begin thinking now about the ONE THING you would want to give or do for yourself that month and then consider joining us. More information to come …

Today Rocks,


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