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Recognizing Holy Week and the (Metaphysical) Resurrection

Dear Friends,

Forget the meaning of Holy Week for a moment and just bask in the two words, “Holy Week.” Wouldn’t it be powerful to claim, every Monday morning as we awoke, that this week is Holy? Just the words raise my vibration before diving into the meaning… Now, let’s dive.

Metaphysicians look at Holy week different than traditional believers. To the metaphysician, sacred scripture is valued not as a literal, historic text, but as a symbolic text for ripening and revealing the Soul. Rev. Ike, metaphysical Christian and the founder of Science of Living, said of the Bible it is “the greatest book of self-image psychology.” Again, referring not to history, but to a usable text for developing an understanding of self.

From this lens, let’s look at the events of Holy Week and then apply them to our own lives. Here is the chronology. Parentheses connote the metaphysical interpretation:

Lazarus Saturday: Jesus (savior, helper of Jehovah) raises Lazarus (helplessness) after being dead for four days back into a living state.
Palm Sunday: Jesus arrives in Jerusalem (consciousness/place of Peace) on a donkey. .
Monday: Jesus clears out the temple of the money changers claiming the Temple to be a place of prayer and heals the blind and lame immediately thereafter. He then teaches his disciples the power of faith through withering a fig tree that wasn’t producing fruit showing his disciples what happens with the mix of faith and doubt. He continues to teach his disciples through multiple parables to lean into Heaven and The Holy and not trusting the duality they appear to see in front of them on earth.
Tuesday: Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives (mountain means high state of consciousness, olives mean Spirit) where he gives the “Olivet Discourse” which is the prophesy of end times sprinkled with more parables on God as the Source and Answer.
Maundy Thursday: Jesus washes the disciples feet and joins the disciples for his last supper.
Good Friday: Judas (egoic selfishness) betrays Jesus; then hangs himself. Jesus is crucified with his last eight words, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” Now that the Gospel of Judas has been discovered and it appears as though Judas was Jesus’ favorite disciple and was willing to take the job of betrayer in order for Jesus to complete his mission; I am not sure the translation remains accurate.
Saturday: Jesus’ body is wrapped with spices and sheets then entombed.
Easter Sunday: Jesus appears before Mary Magdalene and his disciples, as arisen.

When we examine something metaphysically, we first realize that ALL of the story relates to our inner landscape. All characters resides within us as aspects of our own being and places represent States of Consciousness. Holy Week then becomes of the story of our human self (Jesus) stepping into our Christed (anointed) Risen Self. Re-read the above activity and put yourself into the story.

James Tissot, La Resurrection (Brooklyn Museum)

For example, let’s say you are getting a divorce or uncoupling. There is a death of Lazarus Helplessness within you that can be risen through your inner savior. Then you gather your inner disciples together and enter into Jerusalem; the land of peace. From the consciousness of peace you observe parts of yourself that are disruptive, so you kick them out and claim your temple to be a place of prayer. You then remind yourself and your inner parts that leaning on God/Spirit/The Loving Unknown without compromise our doubt is your way into new life. You honor your inner disciples and then that part of you that once was is sacrificed into new life after undergoing an egoic death. Easter Sunday, then, becomes the story of how you have given yourself to Source, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit”. After a period of dark, quiet, entombment you become new.

This transformation is REAL; in fact, it is the MOST REAL thing. It is when we surrender our limited self to The Presence of Love Within and we become more Light, Love, Peace, and Joy. The more we undertake the resurrection process, the more Christ-like we become, the more compassion we have for others and the more Joy is a by-product. I think of my addicted brothers and sisters who consciously and painfully go through this process. I think of my sexually and emotionally abused brothers and sisters and my grieving brothers and sisters, who do the same. The process is far more than a week; it may even be a lifetime. When we die to our old and allow the New to birth to be Eternal; we are truly changed.

As we approach Easter weekend, I invite you to join me in celebrating being alive at this very moment and at this very time.

Happy Easter,

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