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The I Am that I Am

Dear Friends,


And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you. Exodus 3:14

Moses was afraid. Maybe part fear and part awe would be more accurate.

He was walking through the desert when a bush on fire caught his attention. He first saw “an angel of the Lord” on a flame. Then he looked more at the bush itself. It was unique because it was burning fire; but not burning up. Then God appeared to him and asked Moses to visit the Pharaoh and talk him into freeing the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt. God loved his people who were suffering and needed a leader to do God’s work on earth. Moses asked God, “who do I say sent me?” And Moses was told “I Am that I Am.”

When God was asked his name, he said “I Am,” or the singular form of the verb “to be.” God is saying — God is. Fundamentalists read this passage and believe it is a true; literal story. There was a man named Moses, a bush that caught on fire and a conversation with God. A metaphysician would see this as a story of the Soul and look at the story as ALL characters in the story being aspects of their soul unfolding and the I Am being the God within. And a mystic would look at this passage from the viewpoint of the ALLNESS of God unfolding Itself through Moses; calling Moses to BE Its Presence on earth; calling Moses to his inner Godhood through a heroic act that requires a reliance upon his Holy Inner Being.

Buddhism and Hinduism refer to God as Self. This is a reflexive pronoun; referring back toward an unstated assumption of the Divine. They wouldn’t say there was a “God,” per se, but a State of Consciousness or a Divine Selfhood available to individuals who practice meditation to be quieted enough to hear the “still small voice.”

What does this have to do with you and I? What does this have to do with right now? I am (note the singular verb) writing a blog right now. Who is the I Am that is doing the writing? Is it a personality construct or the Presence within? This question is a brilliant question to stop and ask ourselves throughout the day. As we talk with a friend is it our personality speaking (the personality construct tends to be mental and operates from judgment, opinion, righteousness) or is it The Presence speaking (hint: Love)? When we speak to ourselves is it the I Am Presence loving us up or is it unhealed condemnation? When we meet with a client is the I Am front and center of service to I Am they are serving? You are invited to look at what follows your “I Am” and how it feels within your body as you speak it.

The mystic Joel Goldsmith says, “God is immortal, God is eternal, God is your true identity, and as you follow this through you will learn that regardless of where your body is, “I”, which I am, is permanently and eternally here. The nature of God, Consciousness, is a continued state of immortality, of eternal being, and that is what I am. “I,” individually, am a state of Divine Consciousness.

Today I Toast to the Eternal “I” we share,


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