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Try a Metaphysical Christmas

Bible stories to a metaphysician is like analyzing a good dream to a Jungian psychologist. It’s all about symbology. Meta-physical means “beyond the physical.” Or, in this case, not the literal.

When the Christmas story is looked at from this perspective, it isn’t a story about a baby born over two thousand years ago in a manager by a virgin mother; it is the story of The Light or the Christ (meaning the anointed One) being born within each of us right now.

Each character has its own meaning. The Virgin Mother is the pure feminine or untouched Intuition. Joseph is the masculine contribution or the logical intellect. King Herod is the energy which wants to kill the birth of Light/Anointing. The primary story line is in birthing one’s inner radiance (Christ) it is necessary to give Intuition the lead, supported by the intellect. Then leaving one’s comfort zone which threatens this birth into a quiet remote inner space. Once the birth has arrived you will be met with the wisdom of three. Frankincense refers to riches and possessions, incense; spiritual aspiration and a prayerful atmosphere, and myrrh; death/resurrection.

Each Christmas I take some time to re-read the story and ask myself what the symbology means to me. In telling the story to myself, I ask “what is important to me or catches my attention this year?” It may be the call into the quiet to hear my Intuition. Or, trusting my intuition first, following it up with my intellect. Possibly, it is the realization of birthing my own savior. This year, my focus is on the gift from the ‘Wise Man’ of myrrh.

Myrrh is an embalming fluid. Symbolizing death. In a blog written by William Cameron of the Unity movement, he attributes this focus to the two scripture readings “Follow me: and let the dead bury the dead.” (Matthew 8:22) and Paul saying (1 Corinthians 15:31) “I die daily.” I’m reminded of Steve Jobs comment at the Stanford Commencement Address when he said “death is the single best invention of life.” He also said “It (death) is life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”

This year as I hang out with this Soulful story, I commit to allowing the old thoughts and behaviors within me to die so that they can be reborn into thoughts and behaviors of Light. All of my world view is up for a grab, no perception is off-limits.

What does this look like for me in my daily life? My prayers will focus on The Present. I will continue my habit of cleaning my home, now releasing possessions which don’t support the current version of me. And, I will release from my routine activities which don’t nurture the inner Light. I will celebrate that which has died within me and come before me and that which is coming forth to be born within me. Honoring this cycle, making neither end good or bad, better or worse, I commit to love it all.

This is my 2011 Metaphysical Christmas Story.


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  1. Love this!!!! As I read it I could visualize a video with pictures and your words across the screen. Is there one available or are you interested in having one made with full credit going to your post?
    Please answer to Linda at Unity of Lake Orion and agsin thsnk you. 248-391-9211

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