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Happy 2019! Creating and Welcoming In THE NEW

In my last post I left you with ways to complete 2018 and close out the new year with the promise that in January I would welcome you into the NEW YEAR with suggestions for cultivating THE NEW. I would pepper my blog with actions for creating NEW and then I would offer the Momentum and Miracles class in February for those of you interested in focusing on ONE thing and making it manifest. Then, I got the flu. And my head has been married to my pillow and my eyes have been shut tight….for TWO WEEKS. So, I am slow on the uptake of the New Year. But, what I know is that there is NO time and space in God and every moment is NEW. So I am slowly, ever so slowly, welcoming in the NEW Year and uncertain about my readiness to offer M & M in February (stay tuned). As I do each year, I have revisited many of my books and sources on planning....

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Celebrating Productivity

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi Happy Thursday before Labor Day Weekend. As I researched the history of Labor Day, I find it ironic that we would be taking a day off of work to celebrate work. And, I love a good irony. Productivity is a high value of our culture. Doing, making happen, creating, and leaving a contribution tend to be an American staple. I know the satisfaction I feel when I complete a blog, give a talk, teach a class, pray or meditate with a client. As I stand witness to a client who has pierced through a pattern and had revealed to themselves a hidden aspect of their being, I know why I was put on this planet. There is a big difference, although subtle, between being busy and being productive. The definition of “busy” is having a great deal to do. The definition of “productive” is achieving a significant amount...

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Your One Thing for 2018

    What is the ONE THING that if you accomplished it, gained it or became it in 2018 would satisfy you? What did you do today to ensure that you moved closer toward that thing? I watched a YouTube video where Tyler Perry attributes having one focus, getting Madea into the theatre, onto the stage as paramount to his meteoric success. Just one focus. Not Madea and losing weight. Or Madea on stage, in books, in movies and on coffee cups. It was Madea on stage. Period. His life organized itself around this intention. His hourly jobs existed to support the production of Madea. He worked until they conflicted with his goal, then quit and got another job. He lived in his car, in weekly hotels, and apartments. His sole focus was getting Madea seen. Nothing would stop him from making Madea happen. For eight years he held one show a year, that he subsidized before Madea took off, skyrocketing into a national play, a movie, and eventually...

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